Tai Chi as a Way of Life

Two days ago the U.S. Senate passed a bill targeting anti-Asian hate crimes, and yesterday there was a rally where I live in Holland, Michigan condemning anti-Asian violence.  I am, and we all should be, fully behind these efforts.  But I want to go beyond anti-anti-Asian hate; I want to encourage Asian appreciation.  I evenContinue reading “Tai Chi as a Way of Life”

To dream the impossible dream…

Sabbaticals are one of the perks of the life of a college professor.  They allow one time to research and write and reflect in ways one usually cannot with a busy teaching schedule.  My current sabbatical, for example, has made it possible for me to explore this new venture of philosophical counseling and blog writing. Continue reading “To dream the impossible dream…”

The First Step

“The beginning of a long journey begins with a single step” (Lao-tzu). And so this blog begins with the first step. Let me introduce myself. I am Andrew Dell’Olio and I’ve been a professor of philosophy for about thirty years. In that time I’ve accumulated a lot of teaching experience and I’ve learned quite aContinue reading “The First Step”